Our Story

Wonderfile was created by a Melbourne GP and mum who struggled to care for her daughter's nails in a way that felt safe, effective and sustainable. 

As a GP, she saw first hand the impact poor nail care can have on paediatric health: eczema exacerbated by scratching; infected ingrown nails due to poor trimming; corneal abrasions (scratches to the eye) from baby claws; and of course concerned parents who have accidentally cut their child's skin using nail cutters.  

As a parent, she experienced the issue on a whole new level. The amount of stress behind a routine caregiving task did not feel right!

She wanted to find an answer to this parenting dilemma and dedicated naptimes to solving it. Wonderfile was created, and she truly hopes that it can make a difference to other Australian families. 

When our founder is not talking about nail files or seeing patients in the clinic, she enjoys the simple pleasures of life - long walks, coffee, podcasts, books and more coffee.